Buy a property.

I make a real exclusive selection of properties for you, according to what your real need is, and the proper location you deserve. This means I don´t offer houses, but ¨effective solutions¨ for any purchase strategy.

Sell a property.

My short property portfolio is highly valued from buyers that demand an standout property. I´m not focused in financial fees or large properties catalogues, but just exclusive and selected products.



I make consulting services with Investment and Mutual Funds for land, commercial and bank properties.

Luxury Property Consultant.

Acquisition . Sale . Investment .

You need to buy a property in Spain but you don´t know which the best forward step is. ..Mountain or beachline area?. ..Is this a scam or a fair price?. ..Am I investing in a real proper solution for my future?. ..Is this really the exclusive chance I can get?. Which are the future tendencies according to what I really search for?. ..Am I wasting my money?.

Let me know about your precise need, and I will get the concrete solution for your interest you deserve.


In this current World where competition is fierce, you need to get really well surrounded to not be devoured. In this sense, I work at the same time with local property owners, Real Estate investors, agencies, lawyers and public administrators in Spain. If you want to buy/sell a property in this country and you are coming from abroad, an independent consultant can make an efficient intermediation for your private interest, not following any compromise with just one specific provider, as agencies do regularly. This allows you to open a big field for an execution plan… and in my opinion, this is enough.

Plus, there are more relevant weapons to seriously keep in mind:


Usually, an independent consultant´s work method and philosophy are unique. The power for this is given by the project selection capability we have on schedule, due to we can decide where to work and where not. At the first moment I visit a potential property on sale, I make a complete and exhaustive analysis about the product, considering key concepts as the location area, other similar properties on sale, the house services, major assets and weaknesses, legal terms as licenses, certificates and tendencies, views, construction, energy consumes, maintenance, handicap adaptation, insurances, financial debts, source of money,… trust me: nobody in this industry gets as ¨precise¨ as us, when we are forced to focus strongly in our client. We are not international companies, so this means ¨we can´t fail¨.

After the whole analysis process, we agree the final ¨correct price¨ of the property with the owner. Sometimes property owners demand a higher price in their initial intentions, but we make them see how such important ¨the right price¨ in the market is, for the ¨proper buyer¨ to come. If somebody does not have this in mind, that person is practically ¨dead¨, even before opening this complicated ¨window to the World¨ that means buying/selling a property. And even if after the process we consider the final price of the property is not reciprocated with its context circumstances, we simply don´t accept the project. Our buyers know this at the same time, and we will never betray their trust. They always demand that exact & precise ¨right price¨ too.


Other key to seriously consider at the moment of taking the decision of working with an independent consultant, is the ¨BACKGROUND FREE CHANCES¨ behind any project transaction. When you enter the world of a buy/acquisition property, you can´t imagine how many unforeseen circumstances appear on the way, and which all of them finish always in the same way: as big is the commission, as easier is the final solution. In the other hand, simply accepting our services as we are independently involved in the local market, our clients enter the chance and support to collaborate with the best local lawyers, photographers, advertisers, civil servants, contract translators, ..and the rest of professionals involving the Real Estate market that a property transaction requires.


This is something that sometimes big agencies don´t take in consideration, due to they always work with the same providers, who worriedly get ¨comfortably established¨ in the time.  In this sense, with an independent consultant you will have your property intentions in the best possible local professional hands ready to give their best, because they need to make their client portfolio strong. They work when their clients speak well about them, …and trust me again, there is no money that can afford this personal kind of service.


It´s really easy to get an agreement with us, due to our capacity for comprehension is limitless. You can deal with us for whatever you might need, and we will see how we can help you in the terms we are interested as well. We don´t have any ¨strict company rule¨ to follow due to our professional freedom for execution, and in this sense, life is undoubtedly much easier with us. Your problems would become our problems too.

This is our main principle, and be sure nobody else mired in compromises will be capable to tell you the same. That´s why in the end we become ¨real friends¨ after working with our clients. Familiarity is one of our main features too.




Independent Luxury Property Consultant

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