5 bedrooms (2 ensuite).

5 bathrooms.

3 floors.

Build surface: 394sqm. Total surface: 622sqm.

Orientation: South, West, East, North.

Private parking: 2

1 storage room.

Quality materials: excellent.

Location: excellent.

Floor type: Porcelamic + Laminated parquet.

1,099,000 eu.

Price/sqm: 1,766eur.

REF: JMA0004

What you should know about this property:

This is such a specific case in Spain, probably there is nothing similar to this property in the whole country.

The passive house follows a really deep ecological philosophy, inspired by a Finnish photographer, and bringing the Nature Care innovative ideas from his country. Therefore as you can guess, when somebody enters the house, automatically feels the sensation of entering a kind of a ¨lost log cabin from any lost forest in Finland¨. If you care about authentic lifestyle sensations and healthcare theories, undoubtedly this is your place. Surely it is an option to live all year round as well as for investment, since it has all the new energy law permits.

The total energy efficiency of the villa (A3 certificate) is generated by truly advanced ecological techniques in construction. The walls are all inside in wood with 145mm recycled insulation -wooden panels/plasterboard partitions-. The outside faces are made in wooden logs/wooden panels/bricks. The frames are made in pines wood with 145 x 45mm. and has ecological 145mm recycled insulation, that is treated with a non-burning material. This means the walls are literally ¨breathing¨, and this is the greatest difference comparing to regular stone walls.The extreme energy efficiency of the villa, makes this home comfortable every day of the year, and reduces energy costs by 80% compared to a conventional house. The whole structure of the villa is made in pines Finland wood.

The doors and windows are all triple glazed and filled with Argon gas, what allows to reflect the 70 % back of the heat at the villa. Outer glass is security glass. The window frames are in wood (not PVC) and the outside is aluminum.

There are two saunas at the gym and swimming pool areas, and one of them is portable. Two fireplaces as well, and the heat produced by one of them downstairs, is used for energy reflected at a water boiler and the floor heating system.

The floor KWH-Pipe heating system -Finland- is fed by 14 solar panels located on the roof.

The whole water entering the Villa is running through 3 x 1000-liter water deposits located at the service room, that feed the swimming pool and toilets via a water pump. There is also a 350 liter water deposit for the showers, and an automatic water softener system. Waist pipes are not glued together, as that would be a problem later. They are with rubber joints, and they are from Finland too. In all shower areas there are linear drains, and there is one more at the laundry room, in case of a leak from the laundry machinery. There is is a small water faucet in the kitchen as well, that provides clean, filtered drinking water.

The central Vacuum Cleaner system in all floors is from Italy. The benefit with this system, is that all the dust at the villa goes out, as usually this does not happen with a normal vacuum cleaner.

There are two ”air renewal¨ machines at the villa, both from Enervent in Finland. The one in the basement is ¨Pingvin¨, and the other one for the rest of the floors is ¨Pelican¨ -it is cooling-air version as well-. This means you will have fresh air 24/7 at home without opening doors or windows. Actually, all doors and windows should be closed at the time, due to these machines are producing an over pressured atmosphere in the villa, so the humidity from outside doesn’t enter the construction. Also there is less hot air to cool if everything is closed. They continuously renew the air, and take nearly 90% back of the cold or warm outgoing energy. There are 4 extra air conditioning machines that are only used for extreme heat conditions in Summer.

This is an ideal place for people with health problems as asthma or pollen allergies, due to there is no humidity or mold. The walls are constructed with Log + ecological recycled fiber as insulation and wood panels inside, what means it is the only type of wall construction that has the right to commercially use the Asthma & Allergic Federations logos in Finland.


The property is really large, lightful and warmy, located at the Urb. “Jardines del Aguila”, with amazing views to the Cerrado del Aguila Golf greens.

It is distributed in three different levels: one first big level where the whole living zone is located with a huge living-dining room, including a wood-chimney and the main access to the infinity swimming pool area with a gorgeous waterfall (includes lights in it for night time), where there is a a cute grill/terrace area for parties and a portable sauna room. There is one bedroom and a full-equipped kitchen at this floor as well.

The upstairs second level contains the presidential suite with a nice views terrace and one more double bedroom.


When you go downstairs, you find a pool table area, two small bedrooms, the laundry, the machinery room, a wonderful sauna-spa area and a storage room. This option gives complete privacy for guests.


The heating system of the house is dual-system, including floor heating -Brunner system, Germany- and air conditioning.There fire place at the living room is Brunner as well.

The property has a 2-car private parking area, and a the garden area has a small orchard where there are currently cultivated loquats, kumquats -chinese oranges-, tangerines, figs, pomegranates, pears and cherries.


-Location area: A unique calmed area, due to there is also no ”drive through” traffic in night and weekends, as the urbanization is closed. The villa is located in front of the Cerrado del Aguila Golf Club, and 5 minutes drive from Fuengirola town (shopping center, restaurants and supermarket). Just few minutes walk you will have the opportunity to enjoy nature in the park (currently under project by the Mijas Townhall) qualified as the largest park in Andalusia. The neighbourhood is mainly created by upper class brits and spanish.

-Security: The Villa has an alarm system connected to a local alarm company. Night private security patrol in the whole urbanization.

-Orientation: South, West, East, North.

-Atmosphere: very lightful and ecological.

-Style: modern integrated with ecological construction materials.

-Views: coast landscape + swimming pool + golf greens.

-Terraces: 2.

-Terraces surface: 45 + 15sqm.

-Storage rooms: 1.

-Parking: 2.

-Heating system: heating floor + air conditioning.

-Hot water: photovoltaic installation.

-Floor covering:  Laminated parquet/Porcelamic.

-Wall covering: Wood/Damp-proofing paint.

-Decoration: Modern and minimalist (included in price).

-Wardroves: in all the rooms.

-Ceiling highs: 6,50m at the living room area. 2,30m. the rest of the house.

-Electronic features: Hörmann garage gate (Germany).

-Energy certificate: A3.

-Year of construction: 2010.

-All included in price.


Cerro del Aguila/Mijas. Location and surroundings of this property:

Jardines del Aguila Urbanization.

Cerro del Aguila.

Mijas, Malaga.

Costa del Sol Occident.


25 minutes drive far from Malaga Airport, and 15 minutes far from Marbella.

Mijas, a tourist monumental town at the foot of the hills of the same name, possesses typically Andalusian houses. Its traditional status as a mountain village has been combined harmoniously with a major tourist complex located in the coastal enclave of La Cala, where there are 12 kilometres of beaches. The whitewashed streets of historic quarter, Arab in layout and nestling in the mountain landscape, houses some buildings of interest, among them some churches and hermitages. The surrounding area, meanwhile, preserves some archaeological sites, testimony to the town's rich prehistoric past. Not forgetting other attractions Mijas offers, such as its gastronomy, inherited from Andalusia's rich culinary tradition and its deep-rooted custom of fairs and festivals. It offers the traveler the contrast between the traditional image of these lands and the adaptation to our time, all without losing the essence. The walk through whitewashed corners, patios, gardens, hermitages ... the town retains the leisurely pace and charm of yesteryear, sheltered by the mountains and extending the view to the countryside and the sea.

The areas of Mijas and Fuengirola have a good state education system as does all the Costa del Sol. There are also plenty of private fee-paying International colleges for all ages, within easy reach. The local International, private fee-paying college is St Anthony´s College Mijas.

The climate of Mijas, due to its proximity to the sea, enjoys semi-tropical temperatures with winter days being mostly warm/hot and agreeable, and days of hot/very hot weather from May until October. The months of July and August are very hot with temperatures at the end of July and early August hovering around 30C. Winter nights can be occasionally chilly but with only an occasional light frost. The rainfall is below 600 millimetres (24 inches) per year and occurs mainly between October and April. The town boasts some 2,920 hours of sunshine per year. it changes gradually with increasing elevation in the mountains. Temperatures can drop to 10 °C (50 °F). In the peaks, over 600 m (2,000 ft) high, some ice may form in winter, while precipitation increases to almost 800 mm (32 in).

(REF: JMA0004)


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