My life in two brief traces.

Insignificant matters.

UPV/EHU University of the Basque Country. Spain.
Advertising & Public Relations degree.

Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid. Spain.
Master´s degree in Advertising.

Master Pollock said once: ¨The modern artist is working with space and time, and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating. On the floor I am more at ease. I feel nearer, more part of the painting, since this way I can walk around it, work from the four sides and literally be in the painting¨.

That was a total statement of intents in the year 1947, and in that moment the ¨dripping¨ technique was definitely being born. This is a main evidence of my principles too: ¨trust always takes you into evolution¨, and since then, his technique is still considered today as ¨vanguard¨ by the contemporary and street-art artists.

My professional target follows this same and simple rule about ¨progress¨:  I analyze what others do, I focus on what I trust, then I mix both realities, and after all, I create my own ¨equation¨ towards success. I think this is an appropriate way of reading reality, and whoever shares this, keeps trusting me for a long time. I really appreciate it.


"Spain" is a country developed by very deep and anchored traditions, with a real defined and strict idiosyncrasy, very concrete values, and a whole cultural personality that makes this country unique, and very different from the rest of the World. This is not an easy place if you don´t deal with all these local ¨tricks¨.

I have been living my almost whole life here, as well as I spent nine years before in Mexico and three in Cuba. Places where obviously, I perfectly learned how a stranger feels when lands in a lost far away country. After these unique experiences, I can proudly say ¨this personal growing phase has been already surpassed¨. In this sense, my most personal recommendation for travelers would be ¨never forget your roots¨, what undoubtedly takes you into the ¨real authenticity¨.


This life philosophy is really important to people from wherever in the World, that take the decision to buy a property in Spain once. Because, if you´ve got the things clear, you know ¨WHAT¨ exactly you need, ¨HOW¨ you want it, and ¨WHY¨ you go for it. When you make this simple mental exercise, then everything gets easier to discover the final ¨WHO¨ you need to manage your challenges with. If everything flows as expected, then it´s is the moment when I enter your scenario of this wonderful theater called ¨Life¨.


I have a 20-year experience in the fields of Marketing and Communication and Real Estate, such as provider or client, background that gives me a proper vision for budget optimization according to the service quality. I was once managing events for  ¨Global Events¨ Agency, the biggest reference in Spain in that time, and with no doubt, my best life-school. I was managing as well corporate communication in ¨ING Nationale-Nederlanden¨ Insurance Company, for the years of the Formula 1 sponsorship with ¨Renault Sport F1 Team¨ and renowned driver Fernando Alonso. This experience made me grow professionally as never before for my personal background. I managed online graphic design projects for big accounts in ¨KIBS¨ at Iberdrola Group, which was the main reference in those days too, and which I feel so proud of within my personal career. I have been freelancing for the Cinema Festival and the Fashion Week in Vitoria-Spain, the Starlite Festival in Marbella-Spain, the ex Director-General of UNESCO Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, and the Engel & Völkers Real Estate Agency.


From all of them, I learned how important dealing personally and professionally is. When you give your best, you get your client´s best too. And that means ¨mutual success¨.



Independent Luxury Property Consultant

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